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The UNLV Gaming Press, a collaboration between the University Libraries, the UNLV Harrah Hotel College, and the UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law, was established in 2012 in order to make available the scholarly output of university-sponsored conferences, historic materials that the university holds, and new work that illuminates the legal, economic, social, and historical dimension of gambling and gaming in all of its forms.

All books are available in print (trade paperback) and selected titles in electronic (Kindle) versions.

In general, releases from the UNLV Gaming Press will include:

  • Proceedings from UNLV-sponsored conferences in gambling
  • Other publications generated by UNLV faculty and affiliates
  • Reprints of historic, public-domain gaming titles in UNLV Special Collections that are currently out of print
  • New editions of material drawn from manuscript collections or oral histories in UNLV Special Collections, to which UNLV currently owns the copyright
  • New monographs, by UNLV faculty or industry affiliates, that are within the scope of the Press’s mission

UNLV Gaming Press

Now Available




Anthony Cabot and Keith Miller.
Sports Wagering in America: Policies, Economics, and Regulation.

Whether by court decision or legislative change, gambling’s next expansion in the United States will be sports wagering. However, state and federal policymakers and regulators have limited experience in addressing the many issues that are presented by regulated sports wagering.  The challenges they will face are complicated by the fact that sports betting is a global industry encompassing both legal and illegal markets.

This book first provides a detailed explanation of the scope and economics of the sports wagering industry and a description of how sportsbooks operate.  It then describes the evolving legal landscape for sports wagering in the U.S., culminating in the Supreme Court case that considered New Jersey’s challenge to the federal law that has limited sports betting to the state of Nevada.

David G. Schwartz
Tales from the Pit: Casino Table Games Managers in Their Own Words.

Dealing in a casino presents challenges and rewards not seen in many workplaces. With hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake every minute, casinos are high-stress workplaces. Managing a casino workforce brings stresses of its own. Drawn from these interviews, Tales from the Pit provides an overview of how the interviewees felt about a variety of topics, ranging from their experiences breaking in as new dealers to their transitions to management and the changes the industry has seen over their careers. The current and former managers speak candidly about the owners, bosses, dealers, and players who made each day challenging.

This book illuminates the past several decades of casino history through the words of those who lived and made it.

Tales from the Pit

Carlos Siu Lam.
On the Frontline in Macao: Casino Employees, Informal Learning, & Customer Service.

Macao is a large and vibrant casino market that continues to lead the world in gaming revenues. Tables games dominate Macao gambling, which means that frontline employees—casino dealers—have an even more central role than they do in other jurisdictions. In this study, Carlos Siu Lam investigates the role of informal learning processes in customer service. Four themes emerge: the importance of informal learning to frontline employees and casinos; experiences and processes encountered by frontline employees in their informal learning activities; how informal learning is acquired and shared by frontline employees; and the how casino management manages frontline employee

On the Frontline in Macao

Ngai Pindell and Anthony Cabot, editors.
Regulating Land-Based Casinos: Policies, Procedures, and Economics.

Once restricted to exotic locations like Las Vegas, Macau, and Monte Carlo, casinos are now operating in many cities nationally and internationally. This expansion of the gaming industry, both geographically and economically, raises new and important policy questions about the role of government in gaming regulation, the obligations and opportunities for casinos, and public support for gambling and gaming tax revenue.


David G. Schwartz, editor.
Frontiers in Chance: Gaming Research across the Disciplines

Drawing from history, mathematics, sociology, anthropology, public policy, and other fields, this collection of work orginally published in the UNLV Center for Gaming Research's Occasional Paper Series displays the breadth of current research at the Center and across the several fields that contribute to the study of gambling.


Frontiers in Chance

Ngai Pindell and Anthony Cabot, editors.
Regulating Internet Gaming: Challenges and Opportunities

A UNLV Gaming Press original, this collection features papers presented at a 2012 synposium on gaming law held at the Boyd School of Law.

Regulating Internet Gaming



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