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Regulating Land-Based Casinos: Policies, Procedures, and Economics


Ngai Pindell and Anthony Cabot, editors. Regulating Land-Based Casinos: Policies, Procedures, and Economics. Las Vegas: UNLV Gaming Press, 2014.

Once restricted to exotic locations like Las Vegas, Macau, and Monte Carlo, casinos are now operating in many cities nationally and internationally from the Maryland waterfront to Ho Chi Minh City. This expansion of the gaming industry, both geographically and economically, raises new and important policy questions about the role of government in gaming regulation, the obligations and opportunities for casinos, and public support for gambling and gaming tax revenue. The contributors to this book have decades of experience in gaming regulation and business and are optimistic about the future of gaming and casinos. Each author critically engages the subject and offers his or her insight into what works and what does not in the gaming business and gaming regulation. Whether a jurisdiction is considering legalizing gaming or deciding how to regulate an existing gaming industry, it should engage in a careful cost-benefit analysis informed by available data and the jurisdiction’s particular public policy goals.

Each chapter in this book considers a key component of this process. The chapters collect and analyze gaming research from a wide variety of disciplines, including law, business, social sciences, economics, and tax to explain the many approaches a jurisdiction might take to identify and address important policy goals and to suggest emerging issues that require additional research and data. The chapters also incorporate extensive industry experience and examples to investigate the effects of different regulatory practices on the gaming industry, industry stakeholders, and the public.

Praise for Regulating Land-Based Casinos

“Mr. Cabot and Dr. Pindell have compiled ‘must-read’ materials for gaming regulators, executives and practitioners on the most significant issues facing the gaming industry today.”

-- Peter C. Bernhard, former chairman, Nevada Gaming Commission


Regulating Land-Based Casinos


Editors’ Note

1 The Debate Over Legal Casino Gambling | Douglas M. Walker

2 Public Policy and Policy Goals | Anthony Cabot

3 Public Policy Implementation and Regulatory Practice | Kevin Mullally & Stephen Martino

4 Structuring a Casino Industry | Eugene Martin Christiansen and Alex Hua

5 The Economics of Gambling Regulation | Richard Schuetz

6 Regulatory Agency Organization | Toni Cowan

7 Politics of Gaming Regulation and Protecting the Process | Anthony Cabot

8 Compliance | Anthony Cabot

9 Bank Secrecy Act Requirements | Leonard C. Senia

10 Addressing Problem Gambling | Frank Catania and Gary Ehrlich

11 Regulating Electronic/Computer Games and Equipment | Patrick Moore

12 Auditing and Accounting of Casino Revenues | Peter J. Kulick

13 A Normative Analysis Of Gambling Tax Policy | Kahlil S. Philander

14 Crimes and Advantage Play | Anthony Cabot, Robert Hannum, & Darren Heyman

15 Licensing | Anthony Cabot

16 Investigation of Industry Participants | Rick Lopes, Anthony Cabot, & Brian Callaghan

17 Exclusions | Keith Miller

The book also features an index.


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Editors' Note
Anthony Cabot & Ngai Pindell

Sample Chapter:
Public Policy and Policy Goals
Anthony Cabot

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Editors: Anthony Cabot and Ngai Pindell
Title: Regulating Land-Based Casinos: Policies, Procedures, and Economics
Publisher: UNLV Gaming Press
Date of Publication: 2014
Pages: 588
ISBN (paperback edition) 978-1-939546-07-4
Library of Congress call number: K 3704 .R43 2014

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